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A Way To Provide For Those In Need

The purpose of Flashpoint Missions is to be a bridge that carries eager individuals to mission opportunities that better our world for Christ. Our goal is to empower and support existing mission organizations by providing committed assistance throughout necessary construction projects.

Flashpoint Missions was established after recognizing a need for skilled construction labor in the mission field. What started out as one man following his heart’s desire for God has turned into a platform for others to do the same.

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What We Do

 We organize and send teams of construction volunteers to help meet the needs of established Ministries and Missionaries who need infrastructure in order to keep growing.


  • Missionary housing
  • Bible schools
  • Training centers
  • Youth centers
  • Church buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Facilities

How We Do It

Flashpoint Missions operates through the help of many volunteers and donors who share our faith, vision and values. We also have a board of directors and a few paid staff to oversee projects, planning, media etc. Most of our work teams consist of 6-10 people volunteering for two or three weeks at a time on various projects around the world.

Why We Do It

Flashpoint Missions is more than just a construction organization. We believe that God has called us to use our construction skills and resources to serve Him and His people. We believe that every project is an opportunity to share the love and message of Jesus Christ. We believe every facility we build is a tool to advance the Kingdom of God and to glorify His name. Even the the work of our hands can be an act of worship to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

How You Can Help

Here are a few ways you can get involved:

 - Volunteer

Check our website for upcoming projects, and join one of our teams! All trades and skillsets welcomed, men or women, young and old!

- Prayer

Please pray for Flashpoint Missions that God will continue to open doors to increase His Kingdom around the world

- Donations

Flashpoint Missions is a 501©3 organization. Donations of any amount are appreciated. We tithe 10% of all funds donated to us, giving them to one of the ministries we're working with on a current project. Become a monthly partner, and set your giving to an automatic recurring gift!


If you’re looking for a way to use the skills and gifts that God gave you, a mission trip is the perfect way to do so. Many of our projects include offering assistance to mission organizations through the building of schools, houses, churches, or anything they need to grow and operate more smoothly.

Whether you want to go, send, or support, there is a place for you at Flashpoint Missions. Contact us today to find out how you can get involved. 

Partnering With Missionaries All Over The World

We serve Mission Organizations and Churches from various places on the globe. If you or a ministry you know is in need of construction labor, please reach out to one of our team members today. We are here to serve those who are answering the call!

 Flashpoint Missions is not just about construction projects. It is also about building relationships, sharing the love of Christ, and witnessing the power of God at work.

To contact us, click the email address below

PO Box 299 Intercourse PA 17534


The Vision

Opening Doors for Kingdom Increase

The Mission

Send Laborers | Empower Missionaries | Proclaim the Gospel

The Values

Abiding | Transparency | Service | Excellence


Sitting at the feet of Jesus and hearing His voice transcends all other causes, projects, or activities competing for our attention.

(John 15:5)


We will be open and honest with each other, confessing our weaknesses, speaking words of life and blessings, not holding offenses, and confronting and forgiving transgression in our lives.

(James 5:16)

(1Thessalonians 5:11)


We will lay down our lives for the sake of the Gospel because Jesus is worthy.

(Gal. 2:20)


We will do our work well, as unto the Lord, remembering that we build for His approval, and for the generations to come.

(Col. 3:21)

Partner Ministry


Minto Youth Center

This building project is a Youth Center for Minto, an Athabaskan village in Alaska. 

 The Youth Center will be a safe space for youth to do homework and fellowship with their peers, especially during the long dark winter months of Alaska.

Camp Nahshii

Why do we do what we do? Ron Pratt explains the needs of a missionary in remote Alaska!



Nepal Volunteers

We sent our second team in 2023 to Nepal in October. Here is what our volunteers are saying!

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PO Box 299 Intercourse PA 17534

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